Growing in the vineyard

Processing in the wine cellar

Two types of planting density systems were adopted, coupling the different lineages, as to obtain a number of vines ranging from 7,000 to 10,000 per hectare, and determine an allelopathy among them, i.e. a sufferance to force a reduction of vegetation, a production reduction and excellent quality of the product based on the content of sugars, polyphenols and aromatic molecules. The vineyards of Du Cropio are mostly situated in hill areas, by nature clayey, where aridoculture is practiced, with the absolute exclusion of irrigation.

The intrinsic peculiarity of this wine were preserved by the Du Cropio wine company, respecting the traditional norms of viniculture, keeping in mind to avoid luxuriating the vegetation and adopting particular sixths to maintain high the density of vines per hectare, also consenting easy transition in the vineyards for cultivation and rapid anti-parasite defence.


This all results in a production of wines of excellent structure, with light and pleasant sensations of sweet Tannins that do not negatively affect the softness of the wine.