From the ancient traditions an extraordinary wine is born.

An ancient territory.


The territory where Cirò Doc is produced is the same where the Greeks arrived in the 5th century BC and began cultivating the vine imported from Greece.



The early development of tertiary aromas, already in the second or third year, depending on the high content of norisoprenoidi, the family of odorous molecules, derives from scarce productions by lineage and picking of perfectly mature grapes, with a substantial percentage of sugars and balanced polyphenols.

Growing in the vineyard and processing in the wine cellar.


Two types of planting density systems were adopted, coupling the different lineages, as to obtain a number of vines ranging from 7,000 to 10,000 per hectare, and determine an allelopathy among them, i.e. a sufferance to force a reduction of vegetation, a production reduction and excellent quality of the product based on the content of sugars, polyphenols and aromatic molecules.